The Pageant

If beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, the Miss Georgia Prelims Pageant is making history by being the first in the state to be televised in its entirety, bringing contestants before hundreds of thousands (up to 750,000 households) of viewers.

Miss Georgia Prelim Pageant is a pageant without a non compete clause, we actually want you to compete in larger pageants. We are not affiliated with any other pageant system. This pageant is designed to help the winner prepare for their next big pageant of choice. The winners of our Miss and Teen will receive pageant preparation in the form of registration payment, gown, and coaching.



  • Toddler Miss Georgia Prelims (ages 3mos-2 years old) No makeup

  • Little Miss Georgia Prelims – Kids (ages 3-6) No makeup or Semi Glitz (separate scoring)
  • Little Miss Georgia Prelims (ages 7-10) No makeup or Semi Glitz (separate scoring)
  • Miss Pre-Teen Georgia Prelims (ages 11-13) Very light makeup 
  • Miss Teen Georgia Prelims (ages 14-17) Natural makeup
  • Miss Georgia Prelims (ages 18-27) Full face

Contestants are encouraged to secure their place in the historymaking event (which will be televised on Comcast Channel 29).

In addition to a lucrative prize package, pageant organizers will sponsor the winners of the Miss Teen Georgia Prelims and Miss Georgia Prelims as they go on to compete in ANY State (national) Pageant of choice. Email us at or call us at 1-800-408-1950. You may also receive information by visiting our social media platforms of Facebook (@MissGeorgiaprelimpageant) and Instagram (@Prelimgeorgiapageants).