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Latosha Lee – Executive Producer

Latosha Lee is President of Lee Productions, LLC; Lee Advertising and Management, LLC and Kids Zone Network, INC.–a trilateral conglomerate of companies that collectively power the Miss Georgia Prelims pageant in Atlanta, Georgia.

Latosha Lee, a Tampa, Florida native, is a graduate of Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida and earned a bachelor of arts degree with honors in Speech Communications and Theater Arts. At the University, Lee had her first serious pageant experience as the face of the distinguished Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Subsequently, after her first tiara and winning set of flowers, Lee approached pageant life with great intensity.

Lee continued to excel the crown circle as a participant in the Miss Tampa USA System and a participant and representative of the Miss Daytona in the Miss Florida USA pageant. After her scintillating run in the pageant world, Lee rested her tiara, sash, and gown and succumbed to the alluring stage in exchange for a smart business suit and savvy board room as the leader of the foregoing companies as well as a prominent tax business in the city of Atlanta–Lee’s Tax Service, LLC.

With her composite of experience both in the pageant world and private sector, Lee felt the charge to inspire other young ladies to commit to their own personal passion for pageantry or whatever their passion may be through a first-class pageant experience.

As a connoisseur of beauty naturally, Lee’s model is an exemplar for empowering women to encounter the winner within and to unite women on a mainstream platform to discover and develop their best self through the inspiration of a comprehensive beauty experience. Lee has one son that is the apple of her eye and is an exercise enthusiast.